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5 Things to Know about How to Eat Hand Rolls

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

how to eat hand rolls

“What should we get for dinner?”

It’s another Friday night. No one wants to cook and everyone is tired of the same old pizza.

There is only one solution: SUSHI!

But what to get? When it comes to sushi there are actually a great many choices.

Most people typically think of a maki roll: long, thin cylinders of white rice containing any variety of cooked or raw fish and vegetables and cut into 6 or 8 pieces. They are often topped with tobiko roe (tiny fish eggs) and you often eat these with chopsticks.

But have you ever considered sushi that is meant to eat with your hands? Keep reading to learn more about how to eat hand rolls.

What is a hand roll?

Temaki, or nori hand roll sushi, might sound kind of obvious by the name. But it’s fairly new on many sushi menus and you might not know you can order something like this at a sushi restaurant.

A hand roll is open-ended, and is what some people refer to as the “taco of the sushi.”

This is because you guessed it, you can eat it folded up in your hands much like a taco. A hand roll is made out of one large, cone-shaped piece of seaweed or soy paper on the outside that acts like the “shell.” On the inside, you can have any variety of fillings you might see in a maki sushi roll: rice, vegetables, and fish–raw or cooked.

At one end the seaweed or soy paper rolls tightly like the tip of a cone, while at the other end, the fillings “spill out” the top.

5 Things to consider about how to eat hand rolls

  1. This one might seem obvious, but eat it with your hands! Hand roll sushi is a casual version of sushi that you don’t need chopsticks for.

  2. Eat it Right Away–the consensus seems to be that you shouldn’t let a hand roll sit around or take it home. It is best enjoyed as soon as the chef has finished making it.

  3. Eat it from the top–start where the ingredients spill out at the top so that the whole thing doesn’t fall apart with the first bite.

  4. You can still dip–if you like dipping sushi in soy sauce, tamari, or maybe a ginger sauce, you should consider trying your hand rolls dipped in this as well. Another option would be to pour some sauce into the open end of the hand roll.

  5. Try lots of different combinations: just like maki rolls, there are many different combinations that can be delicious inside of a hand roll. For example, you might love our spice tuna and pickled daikon combination. Or maybe you are more of a shrimp tempura with a spicy mayo type of person!

Sushi can be a great and often more healthy option for takeout food. If you’ve had sushi before but never tried the less formal hand roll, now is the time to branch out!

Hand roll sushi is a fantastic and sometimes more casual way to enjoy sushi. Stop by Under Wraps and we will whip up some delicious hand roll sushi for you today!

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