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9 Reasons To Visit our Izakaya Restaurant in Utah

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Izakaya Restaurant In Utah

When you think about Japanese dining, you may be thinking of sushi and miso soup. However, there is so much more to authentic Japanese cuisine. Izakaya is a whole style of Japanese dining that you may not have even known about in the past. Learning more about this delicious style of Japanese cuisine will have you wanting to sample these delicious menu items. Here at Under Wraps Sushi, we have a wide selection of different Izakaya items that will entice many different types of diners.

Our atmosphere is authentic to the Japanese style

The overall atmosphere of a restaurant can be a very big factor in the success of in long-term. From our anime mural to the private VIP rooms that we have, we take pride in our atmosphere. The lighting that we use gives a very relaxed atmosphere while paring with music that will really set the mood. We have crafted our furniture around a very traditional Japanese style. If you were to go into an Izakaya restaurant in Japan, we are pleased to say that you would have a very similar experience.

Service is key

Our wait staff understands just how important your visit is to you. We will work hard to give you the experience you deserve. If you have any unique requests for your dining experience, we will be more than willing to help you meet your needs. We go above and beyond to make Under Wraps Sushi more than just a place to eat. Our attention to your dining party will make it an entire dining experience.

Our soups and salads are top-notch

Our seaweed salad is a great example of one of our amazing salads that will be a delicious Izakaya dish. Before you know it, you could also be dining on our delicious miso soup. This tofu, mushroom, and scallion dish will give you a taste experience unlike any other. Our sesame ginger salad is another great choice for those who want to start out their dining experience with a fresh salad.

Don't miss out on our chicken dishes

We have a wide selection of Izakaya chicken dishes that will help you fill up and feel amazing during your time with us. Our katsu curry don is a great place to start when looking for Izakaya chicken dishes. With the Japanese curry sauce, this chicken will be an exotic blend of Japanese flavors that you can truly savor. The chicken karaage is a Utah favorite. The fried chicken is eaten with what many Utahn would call fry sauce.

Our starters make for a great Izakaya Restaurant in Utah

There is just about nothing better than having a good starter at a restaurant when you are waiting for the main course. Our edamame seems to be a favorite of our guests. This Japanese soybean in a light salt is a great treat when you are waiting for your other Izakaya dishes. They are like potato chips in the way that you can't just eat one. The fried cauliflower is another great choice for you when you are looking to have a savory treat while waiting for your main dish.

We have options for the kids

The kid's teriyaki dish is a great idea for younger kids who just simply want some noodles and protein on top. While kids can be very picky eaters, this is a dish that is sure to keep them satisfied. We will also be willing to help your kids with any unique requests they have with their Izakaya dish. However, your kids may find that they really do like the other Izakaya menu items. The chicken dishes are particularly popular with the children who come to our restaurant.

Try our delicious Gyu Don

Are you someone who needs your beef when you go out? Well, our Gyu Don is going to be a great choice for you. Our thinly sliced Angus beef Gyu Don is one of the crowd's favorites. We also add a delicious glaze that will take the dish to a whole new level. If you are someone who has never had Japanese food before, this could be a great first step for you in enjoying delicious Japanese food.

Our location is key

Located right off of the I-15 freeway exit, our location is great for people who have to travel to our Izakaya location. We are also next to many amazing recreation choices. If you are looking to have a go-kart adventure after your Izakaya meal, you will be right next to The Grid race track. You can also take your children on a fantasy adventure at Evermore Park. If you are one of the many who works at Doterra, you are in luck. Our Izakaya restaurant is close to DoTerra and will be easy for you to come to during your lunch hour.

Have delicious Izakaya delivered right to your door

We also offer delivery services for those of you who do not want to leave your home but still want some delicious Izakaya. Our delivery will help you enjoy the comfort of your home while still getting the delicious Izakaya that you want. Whether ordering on your app or right from our website, you will be able to choose through our different Izakaya menu items easily and effectively. Whether you are trying to have a nice night in with your partner, or are looking to spice up the party, our Izakaya items will be sure to put a smile on your face and the faces of those who you are with.

When you are a fan of Japanese food, you will be amazed by the different types of dishes that are available. Our Izakaya menu has been created by our chefs who have years of experience in the Japanese food industry. We are certain that you will be able to find something that you enjoy on our menu. Do you have that craving for Japanese food? Well then, what are you waiting for. Head down to Under Wraps Sushi and give our amazing Izakaya menu a try. You might just find that you quickly become a customer who is eating with us on a regular basis.

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