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Cheap vs. Expensive Sushi

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Cheap vs. Expensive sushi

Sushi is something that many may feel is too exotic for their tastes. You can hear many times that seafood is "too fishy" for some people. However, this is usually due to the sushi not being sourced from quality ingredients. Sushi that is well-sourced will never taste too fishy. You can see the differences when you compare cheap and expensive sushi. It is key to understand the difference between the two.

Ingredients tell the tale

It is important to know the ingredients determine the quality of the sushi. If you ask a sushi chef about their ingredients and they don't know the answers, this is a bad sign. Here at Underwraps sushi, we know just about everything there is to know about what goes into our sushi. We source our ingredients from only the most reputable sources which provide the freshest ingredients.

The sushi chefs make a huge difference

Our sushi chefs are really going to make a big difference in your sushi dining experience. With combined decades of experience, you will find that there are very few things that we don't know about the sushi industry. That is the major difference between cheap and expensive sushi. Even if you have the best ingredients out there, you are going to struggle to have a great sushi experience without experienced sushi chefs.

Presentation is key

Just like with any dish at a restaurant, you are going to want to focus on the presentation of the dish. If you want cheap sushi, simply go to a supermarket. You are going to get a roll of sushi just placed in a small plastic to-go container. However, at Under Wraps, you will enjoy the full dining experience with our skillfully arranged sushi. We take pride in having a presentation for our sushi that is leaps and bounds above our competition.

What restaurant are you eating in

Cheap sushi is going to come from a gas station or a café in your local market. While this isn't a bad thing, these aren't going to be the best-tasting sushi. On the other hand, expensive sushi comes from restaurants that take pride in their cleanliness, atmosphere, and customer service. At Underwraps Sushi, we pride ourselves on our ability to recreate an authentic Japanese Sushi shop feel.

Cleaning Fish

Where is the fish coming from?

It is important to remember that cheap sushi is going to come from sources that aren't as fresh as expensive sushi. When it comes to expensive sushi, you will have peace of mind knowing that the ingredients are coming from the freshest and closest sources. We only work with fish suppliers that have the very best reputation. This pushes our sushi over to the next level providing our customers with an experience that you couldn't get with cheap store-bought sushi.

Health risks come with cheap sushi

This not only gives our customers better-tasting sushi but also ensures that they will not run into any food-borne illnesses with sushi that isn't fresh. We take these risks very seriously at Underwraps Sushi. There are far too many horror stories of individuals who have fallen ill from eating gas station-grade sushi. We work hard to have the cleanest kitchen possible, source the freshest ingredients, and prepare them in a way that is going to help you have a safe and healthy sushi experience. It is never worth the risk of getting sick from your sushi only to save a few dollars.

The entire dining experience is part of the price

When you are eating at a restaurant, you are paying for more than just the food, you are paying for the experience. While some luxury restaurants will charge an arm and leg for their experience, we try to keep it affordable. While we still have an amazing authentic Japanese sushi house experience for you, we strive to keep the prices affordable and the sushi delicious.

You don't get specialty sushi at cheap prices

When opting for cheap sushi, you may limit the variety of sushi offered versus going to an expensive restaurant. But here at UnderWraps Sushi, we have a wide selection of specialty sushi dishes without having to break the bank. While it may be a little bit more than you would expect to pay at a supermarket, we are going to have sushi options that will help you expand the overall world of your sushi experience.

Remember to ask about Blue Fin Tuna

Blue Fin Tuna is quite possibly the best fish to use for just about any type of sushi. When we source our tuna, we regularly use Blue Fin Tuna. The fatty marbling of this fish gives it a distinct taste that will make your sushi roll that much more delicious. We are willing to pay the high prices for this fish that is in low supply and high demand. It is our commitment to excellence that allows us to use high-quality ingredients like Blue Fin Tuna in order to give you the sushi dishes that you love.

Sushi is a type of food that you really don't want to cheap out on. The difference in the taste and safety of the sushi when you pay just a little bit more is enormous. It's not only a bad idea to buy cheap sushi, but it can be a dangerous idea as well. We strive to provide you with sushi that isn't cheap at Underwraps Sushi at an affordable price. While you will admittedly have to spend more for our sushi than you would at a gas station or supermarket, we aren't charging the amount that many sushi restaurants would. So, if you are craving some high-quality sushi at a reasonable price, why not come give us a visit today. We will do our best to provide you with a sushi experience that you will enjoy and love.

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