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Discover Hand Roll Sushi

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Hand Roll Sushi

At Under Wraps Sushi, we are all about hand roll sushi. Handrolls are a different way to make sushi. We love hand roll sushi because it is easy to eat and you can use your hands. Someone does not cut them like traditional sushi. Hand roll sushi features the seaweed wrap on the outside. Our goal is to give you an authentic Japanese dining experience while eating great food.

Since we focus on hand roll sushi, we want to tell you everything there is about this kind of sushi. It is a popular form of sushi that has taken off in the past couple of years. There are not too many places in Utah that offer hand-roll sushi. We pride ourselves on offering a great form of sushi in the Pleasant Grove area.

Sushi - A Great Creation

When you think of sushi you probably think of Japan. Japan is the hub for sushi today. Sushi and variations of sushi are back in China, Korea, and Japan. The earliest known written instance of sushi can be found from the 2nd century. Of course, the dish has evolved throughout the centuries, especially with the invention of the refrigerator.

The 1900s were when sushi was introduced to Western Culture. Slowly throughout the century, the dish has gained popularity in America. You find sushi in various restaurants and even your local grocery store. Each roll contains different ingredients so everyone is sure to find a sushi roll they love.

A Brief History of Hand Roll Sushi

Hand roll sushi is also known as Temaki. Regular sushi is known as Maki. Think of hand roll sushi as the fast-food version of sushi. How you make it is simple. You get a piece of seaweed, put rice, fish, and other ingredients inside of it. You roll the piece up and do not fold the ends. After that, the rest is pretty simple: dig in and enjoy.

Hand roll sushi can be done in a conical shape or more of a cylindrical shape. Either is considered authentic but the conical shape did come first. You may want to stick to the conical shape if you are feeding younger children. This shape has one closed end, making it less messy.

Hand roll sushi is not as old as sushi but has been around for around 40 years. This makes it new to the sushi scene but it is old enough that we know it is here to stay.

Hand Roll vs Sushi Roll

Sushi has been around a long time. It has undergone several changes and evolved as it has spread across countries. In America, it has rice on the outside with seaweed on the inside. Someone then cuts it up into smaller pieces.

Hand roll sushi is a sushi variation in the past century. It has a seaweed wrap on the outside with all the other ingredients on the inside. Someone does not cut it up into smaller pieces and is usually larger so you can hold it. You do not need to use chopsticks for hand-roll sushi.

The Craze of Hand Roll Sushi

Did you know that hand roll sushi has a national day? That’s right, July 6th is officially National Hand Roll Day. This holiday was first celebrated on July 6th, 2019. It is a fairly new holiday but it is a great reason to go out and get some hand-roll sushi.

The reason why July 6th was chosen as the date is meaningful. Chef Nozawa, who is known for creating the dish here in the US, has a birthday on July 6th. The hand roll is at authentic hand roll sushi restaurants. If you make sushi at home, you are most likely making hand-roll sushi.

Hand Roll Sushi in Utah

While there are sushi places in Utah, there are not that many sushi places that offer authentic, hand-roll sushi. We are located in Pleasant Grove and are the only sushi place in the city. Our rolls are perfect if you are wanting something different and healthy.

There are plenty of places that have hand-roll sushi but be careful. Some places offer sushi that is not authentic to the practice of hand rolling. Hand roll sushi uses seaweed wrap and nothing else. We have seen places that offer hand roll sushi but have a waffle cone for the wrap. It tastes good, but it is not hand-roll sushi.

What We Offer

We want to give you an authentic Japanese food experience with a relaxed atmosphere. This lets you relax and make memories with the ones you love. We offer a VIP Lounge that holds up to 8 people. This makes it a perfect place to spend time with friends and family for any special occasion. We have a menu that offers alcoholic Japanese drinks and mocktails. There is a lunch menu, a lunch special, and a dinner menu.

In terms of hand roll sushi, we offer nine different options. There is spicy tuna and pickled daikon, salmon with puffed rice, Fijian bluefin tuna, bay scallops citrus yuzu, unagi, shrimp tempura with spicy mayo, and seared wagyu. Our restaurant also offers a California hand roll and a vegetarian hand roll.

We hope that you have learned something about hand roll sushi. You now know the difference between regular sushi, Maki, and hand roll sushi, Temaki. This form of sushi is fun to make and also fun to eat. Another thing we love is that it is fairly new to the sushi scene. While we cannot see into the future, we hope that hand-roll sushi becomes a staple for people.

Have you visited us at Under Wraps Sushi? If not, what is stopping you? Come on by and stop in. Grab a bite to eat and stay awhile. Call ahead to make a reservation or order online. We want to serve you the best we can while serving you great Japanese food.

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