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Interesting Facts About Sashimi In Utah

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Sashimi in Utah

When you were choosing different Japanese food to eat, sashimi is something that you need to really look into. Sashimi is something that many Japanese dining enthusiasts don't know much about. However, in this article, we will teach you all about sashimi and the interesting facts of Utah sashimi. At Underwraps Sushi we take great pride in our sashimi and how we prepare it for our guests.

Learning how to eat sashimi doesn't have to be difficult

Even when you are trying to get your kids to try sashimi, it doesn't have to be a difficult or scary thing to do. While it may seem a tad exotic to try completely raw fish, you will quickly learn after your first bite that this is actually a very delicious and easy thing to eat. If you are worried about the texture, try eating it first with some ginger. Also, having our friendly wait staff assure you that this is going to be a great dish will really help you feel confident about choosing to try sashimi for the first time.

Great sashimi in Utah isn't easy to come by

In Utah, it can be difficult to come by some great sashimi. We know that this is the case. This is what leads us to find the greatest sources of sashimi suppliers possible. Our many years in the industry give us a unique perspective on sourcing our ingredients. We're able to get some of the freshest fish in Utah for our sashimi dishes. This makes Underwraps sushi is one of the top sashimi restaurants in Utah.

Sashimi is all about the presentation

In Japanese culture, meals are mostly about presentation. This is very true when it comes to sashimi dishes. Our trained chefs understand that sashimi is really all about the presentation. We take our time to wow our guests with the way the sashimi actually looks on the plate. This can make all the difference in a business meeting, a fresh date, or an outing with your family.

Chefs can train for up to 10 years to master the art of Sashimi

Preparing sashimi is no small task in the world of food preparation. This is why sashimi chefs have to work their way to this illustrious position. Many chefs must apprentice under experienced sashimi artists for up to 10 years until they are able to take the reigns themselves. Here at Underwraps Sushi, we have many combined years in the art of preparing sushi, izakaya, and sashimi dishes. This is something that we pride ourselves on.

Knives are essential in preparing Sashimi

An artist is only as great as a paintbrush. A carpenter is only as great as their tools. A sashimi chef is only as great as their knives. This is why our shelves only use the very best knives. We have sourced our knives all the way from Japan to give our sashimi chefs a cutting edge. Our ships treat their names very well each year. Sharpening and caring for the knives is a daily thing.

Sashimi is many times an appetizer before sushi

Seeing as how we are a sushi restaurant, sashimi is a great addition to our normal menu. Sashimi is many times an appetizer before you eat sushi. We have many sashimi dishes that complement our sushi dishes as well. Once you look at our menu you will see how easy it is to have a fully rounded meal. When you are looking for many different appetizers for a large party, this can go great with edamame, miso soup, fried, cauliflower, shrimp tempura, and more.

Bluefin tuna is one of the most common fish used in sashimi

One fact that many do not know about sashimi is that a certain fish is used to create this delicious dish. Bluefin tuna is the main fish that is used around the world. As we work with more suppliers, we have created relationships with Bluefin tuna experts that supply us with some of the freshest and most delicious Bluefin tuna possible.

Miso soup is great to have with sashimi

There is almost nothing more delicious to try than miso soup with your sashimi. This warm blend of tofu and delicious Japanese soup will go great with your sashimi dish. Miso soup can also help with the healthy digestion of your meal. There are many probiotics in miso soup that will really help to regulate your intestinal tract.

Not all sashimi is fish

The thing that a lot of people think about sashimi is that it is only made with fish. However, there are a lot of different options when it comes to sashimi. What we offer at Underwraps sushi is a seared Wagyu beef option. This is a delicious option to try for those who aren't as into fish. It is also a great idea for those who are just looking to explore more into the world of Japanese cuisine. If you are a fan of rare steak, you will most likely love beef sashimi.

Condiments are a great addition to Sashimi

Ginger, wasabi, and soy sauce are just a few of the many great condiments that can take your sashimi to the next level. When you are first introducing sashimi to someone new, the more condiments the better. A little bit of soy sauce can really make a big difference when you are tasting this raw fish for the first time. Ask your waiter or waitress to give you a list of all the different condiments that are available to try.

While sashimi may seem like an exotic dish that you or your friends might not be into, the way we prepare it might just make it one of your favorite dishes. Here at Under Wraps Sushi, we take pride in our sashimi dishes. If you have always been interested in this Japanese delicacy, this might just be the time for you to indulge and try something new. Our chefs are ready today to help you experience and enjoy sashimi in Utah.

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