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Sushi in Utah County

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Is there good sushi in Utah County? Yes, there is! And you do not have to go searching far and wide for it, either. Under Wraps is a Japanese restaurant that is ran by a local couple, whose names are Hannah and Skyler. They have spent time abroad in Japan, so they know a thing or two about authentic sushi.

They have taken their love for sushi and made it into a business. Sushi is delicious and should be done right. Their sushi bar includes Handrolls, Sashimi, and Izakaya. If you say do not like sushi, it is likely because you have not tried good sushi. There is something for everyone to enjoy when it comes to sushi.

If you really do not like sushi, we do have other options for you to try. Perhaps you'll enjoy a poke bowl, salad, or wagyu burger paired with one of our fabulous mocktails or drinks.

Utah County

Utah is in the western region of the United States, and is known for being a desert. Sushi originated in Asian countries, not the United States. It has taken several decades for sushi to make it’s way to the US and to Utah. In fact, Under Wraps is the only sushi restaurant in Pleasant Grove.

There are other sushi restaurants that you can find in Utah County. You may not like every sushi restaurant you go too because of the quality of the sushi. Take some time to come visit Under Wraps. We pride ourselves in creating sushi that is authentic and tasty.

Even if you do not think of sushi when you think of Utah County, we hope you think of us, Under Wraps when you need sushi. We have good sushi that is at a great price. Our goal is to make our restaurant the place that people think of when they are craving authentic sushi.

Japanese Restaurant

Japan is a country that is physically small but with a rich culture that reaches all across the world, so we wanted to bring a little piece of that culture to Utah, especially Utah County. It is something new that we want everyone to experience and enjoy.

What makes our restaurant a premier Japanese restaurant? The first thing you will notice when you walk into our space is the huge anime mural. It is a fun mural of people eating sushi. The next would be the sushi bar, along with the decor of the space. Last but not least would be our great food. We have spent a good amount of time perfecting our recipes and making them exactly like they do in Japan.

The next thing that we think of when highlighting our restaurant is our prices. We believe that sushi should taste great without having a huge price tag. Our prices are inexpensive, which allows you to get full without spending a lot of money. Come check out our lunch menu for special prices.

Excited to come in and tried our sushi? We offer a variety of options for food and also dining styles. You can order online, and choose catering options, and takeout.

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